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Add On Competition


  • Youth: Ages 16 years and younger

  • Beginner: V0-V2 Climber

  • Intermediate: V3-V5 Climber

  • Advanced: V6+ Climber

The Climbing grade is based on the grade you can generally climb consistently, not your on-sight climbing grade


  • Each climber is allowed 2 falls per zone, after the 2 falls they are out for that zone

  • The bouldering area will be split into 3 zone, so each bracket will have 3 rounds to play!

    • Left side bouldering wall

    • Cave

    • Right side bouldering wall

  • We will keep track of how many holds each climber completes in each round in case there is a time issue and no one gets out


  • Youth bracket: 3:00 pm-4:00 pm

  • All other Brackets: 4:00 pm-7:00 pm

    • Dependent on sign ups, times may change and will be updated

Sign Ups

  • To sign up give us a call at 203-891-7627

  • Price: $5

    • Does not include day pass and rental gear if needed

Athletic Brewing Co will be doing a tasting of their non-ALCOHOLIC craft beer during this time!