Rules & Expectations

1) All members of the Rock City Crew (RCC) are required to participate in a minimum of tw climbing competitions per year (the minimum required by USA Climbing to qualify for the Regionals and/or Divisionals).

2) Please arrive in a timely manner. If you arrive late, begin warmup and join the team with the scheduled practice. Please let the coaches know if you will be gone ahead of time.

3) Members of the Competitive Climbing Team must be certified to belay or a belay certified Parent/Guardian must be available to belay during practice.

4) In the event that a team member is not actively training, watch your fellow climbers to learn techniques or provide climbing beta.

5) If you need any special assistance, see a coach as early as possible.

6) Transportation to practice and competitions is to be provided by the Parent/Guardian of the Team Member.

7) The Coaches are always open for discussion. If there is a problem please schedule a time to have a conversation.

8) After approval from coaches, teammates may invite interested climbers to the last practice of the month. 

Expected Attitudes & Conduct

1)    Keep a positive attitude  Respect your teammates, the gym, and climbing equipment. 

2)    Unsportsmanlike conduct, bullying, harassment, etc. will not be tolerated.

3)    The Team is a drug and chemical free environment.

4)    Always give it 100%, 100% of the time.

5)    Be safe. Identify your fall zone and safety needs. Spot your teammates.

6)    Have fun and enjoy climbing!